Andalusian Lute

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The « 
Andalusian Lute » or « Tunisian Lute » (Named in popular language “Oud Arbi”, meaning “Arabian Lute”) doesn’t stop as an instrument, to astonish ordinary public and to bring scientists reflections.

A lute with for strings tuned neither in fourth or fifth, but according to one ascending octave, descendent quinte and ascending quarte.

It is in use in “Malouf” practice both in Tunisia and Algeria, using another tuning.

In Algeria “Andalusian Lute” is in course of disappearance, but in Tunisia it is quite totally disappeared : It is played as a first instrument only by Hassen Gargouri in Sfax and Zied Gharsa in Tunis. Other players do exist only in exceptional opportunities, playing ‘Eastern Lute” as their first instrument.

Unlike these players, Hassen Gargouri did learn to play “Andalusian Lute” directly without passing through “Eastern Lute” and really considers it as his first musical instrument.

Other articles are following this short comment in order to deeply explain musicological reflections deriving from this instrument.)

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