Youssef Slama

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Youssef Slama
Tunisian Composer and Zither, born in Tunis. His father “Mordochée” Slama or “Mridakh”
as a nominee, himself Composer and Zither and Professor of Eastern Music in “Nejma Zahra” Palace of Baron Rodolphe D’Erlanger, in Tunis suburb “Sidi Bousaïd”.

He had been honoured by “Bey Court” within the third decade of the XXth century.

A disciple of the Classical Musical School in either compositions and fingering.

By his exceptional talents, he could blend “Andalusian Music” and “Eastern Music” in a perfect and tender melting.

He was a composer for huge talents singers such as “Ali Riahi”, “Fathia Khaïri”, “Chafia Rochdi” and bandmaster-zither for others coming from Arab Eastern regions, even from Egypt, having required his contribution in their concerts.

He didn’t stop to astonish by his musical talents, his coolness, sympathy and other good qualities appreciated from his person especially tolerance.

Died in 1970 in France and entombed in Jerusalem.

On the occasion of his 40th death anniversary and in the process of the duty of tolerance and peaceful coexistence of religions, GARGOURI Hassen (Tunisian Andalusian Lute) and Mohamed Ali Triki (Zither and member of “Trio Rondo” band, held a Duet of Tunisian Andalusian Lute and Zither …

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